One hard truth of life is all that glitters isn’t gold. It is a lesson that cuts across all areas and activities of life, including when you are purchasing a new home. A house that seems fine may turn out to have problems you didn’t imagine. Thankfully, there is a valuable stage in home buying that can save you from this very type of disaster: The home inspection.

Home inspections look into the invisible parts of a house you are hoping to purchase with the aim of ensuring that you are fully aware of its condition. This prevents you from buying a house that you don’t realize is in poor shape, in violation of building codes or in need of costly repairs. Learn more about home inspections in the following post:

Understanding a Home Inspection

Anytime you purchase a house, it is extremely important to order a home inspection even if it is a brand new home. In Arizona, buyers have a 10 day inspection period once an executed contract is in place. Buyers want to start with a general home inspection and if the inspection report reveals certain items need more attention, then, it is time to call in an expert in that field.

An inspector’s job is to expose any and all current, past and potential issues with the house and, if applicable, the pool and spa. It is important for the buyer to know that the inspector can be liable if he/she does not disclose discovered issues; … Read more at Lauren M. House…

The fact that a home inspection could be a deal breaker when considering a potential purchase, means you should go through it with the guidance of a real estate attorney. Why is that? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

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The role of an experienced real estate attorney goes beyond just ensuring that you get a good home. The following post shows you how critical the purchase agreement is to the inspection:

Understanding The Home Inspection Contingency

So you just had your home inspection done on the home you are considering purchasing and the results of the inspection have you a bit disappointed. Maybe the home you were looking at isn’t exactly what you thought it was, and now you are reconsidering your offer. But wait! The sales agents involved say you are bound by the purchase agreement and are obligated to either purchase the home anyway or allow the sellers an opportunity to repair the items listed in the inspection report. They may even tell you that you will lose your earnest deposit and that the seller may also sue you. Read more at MC2Colorado…

Can you imagine the horror of finding out that although the home you wanted had issues, you still have to buy it? Well, having a good attorney will go a long way in helping you avoid that.

Meek Law Firm South real estate closing attorney home closing real estate attorney home inspection

A home inspection is not usually performed as a free service — you’ll have to pay for it. The following post will help you to plan for this important stage financially:

Understanding Home Inspection Costs

The house you would like to purchase looked perfect and pristine when you bought it. So, why do you need a home inspection?  The answer is simple:  There could be an underlying problem with the house you don’t know about, maybe because it is not apparent. There could be a major leak in the house, and fixing it may cost you a fortune.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a thorough and all-encompassing evaluation of a home’s condition. It is a relatively inexpensive means of discovering the overall condition of your home. Read more at The Finance Genie…

When you are buying or selling a home, you need to work with a real estate attorney who will help you avoid costly mistakes that you don’t want to deal with.

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