If you are completely new to home buying/selling transactions, the term “home closing” may not be familiar. However, as you may have already guessed, it is an important step in the process of either buying or selling a home. This post will help you to discover what you don’t know about the procedure as you start your home buying/selling journey.

It’s important to have the right definition of any procedure. This is especially so when it has legal implications, as we shall see later. The following post lays a helpful foundation for understanding the term ‘home closing’:

What exactly is a home closing?

Let’s start at the beginning. This is a big deal when it comes to the process of buying a home, and one you may be unfamiliar with.

In simple terms, home closing is the last chapter of this long home buying process.

This is where you sign off on the deal and transfer the last of the funds. At the end of closing, the deed will be recorded, and the home will be yours.

The closing is handled by a neutral third party closing agent. This may be a title company or a real estate attorney (more on this below).

At closing, significant events include… Read more at Money Under 30…

Basically, the home closing procedure involves signing the deal, which is legally binding on the two parties. It’s a pretty serious transaction.

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Most home buyers often desire to have the entire process completed within a reasonable amount of time. However, there are several unplanned things that could happen during the closing process that may delay your plans. The following post explains some of them in detail:

Top 10 Reasons Why A Real Estate Closing Is Delayed

Whether you’re currently buying or selling a home or you’re planning on buying or selling a home in the future, it’s important that you understand that there can be delays in a real estate closing.  A real estate contract and the terms and conditions that are set forth in a contract do carry significant importance, however, they are not always concrete.

A very common real estate myth that both buyers and sellers often believe is that the closing date in a real estate purchase contract is actually when the closing will occur. Read more at Rochester Real Estate Blog…

Delays in home closing should not get you worked up. However, it is advisable to work with a person who is knowledgeable on real estate matters.

Meek Law Firm South real estate closing attorney home closing real estate attorney

Real estate lawyers are of great help throughout the home buying/selling process. The following post explains why these professionals are indispensable:

Why You Need a Lawyer When You Buy or Sell a House

Buying a home will probably be the largest and most significant purchase you will make in your life. It also involves the law of real property, which is unique and raises special issues of practice, and problems not present in other transactions. A real estate lawyer is trained to deal with these problems and has the most experience to deal with them.

Buying a Home

In the typical home purchase, the seller enters into a brokerage contract with a real estate agent, usually in writing. When the broker finds a potential buyer, negotiations are conducted through the broker, who most often acts as an intermediary. Read more at FindLaw…

Work with a competent real estate attorney who will ensure that you have the peace of mind that you need as you make your home transaction.

Meek Law Firm South real estate closing attorney home closing real estate attorney

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