Whether you need to buy real estate property, start a business, or are involved in a civil or even criminal case, your lawyer has the power to help or hurt your situation. This is why it is so important to make sure you pick the right attorney for the job.

A good lawyer has a certain set of characteristics that cannot be ignored. He or she should be experienced and professional, but also empathetic. This is because your lawyer will likely also need to take on the role of counselor. Continue reading to learn exactly what to look for in a lawyer.


Whether you have a lot of money or are on a modest budget, you should always go with someone you can afford. Even if you believe a hot-shot lawyer will certainly get you that settlement, it does not make sense if you can’t afford the fee.

Another absolutely important characteristic of a good attorney is a clear, honest, and appropriate fee structure. For one, you’ll want to make sure that the price of the attorney is worth the case. Smaller disputes generally don’t warrant hiring the most expensive counsel. In addition, you should ask your attorney if they bill by the hour or if a flat fee arrangement is an option. While some attorneys might advertise a very low flat fee, you’ll also want to inquire as to any additional fees. The advertised price might not include court filing fees, or even the cost of printing documents for your case. Read full post at FindLaw.com…

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When considering the experience of a prospective lawyer, find out if he or she has sufficient experience in your type of case. Such a lawyer would be better placed to represent you. The following advice would apply to a small business owner:

Although it’s not essential to find an expert in your particular field, it makes sense to look for someone who specializes in small-business problems as opposed to, say maritime law. “Find someone who understands the different business structures and their tax implications,” says Hodge. Read full post at Entrepreneur…

Good Judgment

Skill is great, but good judgment is a worthy accompaniment to skill and experience. The best lawyers are quick on their feet, even in the court room.

My dad never went to college, but he used to say something I don’t forget: You can’t teach good judgment. This thought is so profound that it needs to be a book, not encased within an article by someone like me. This idea is also not only about the legal profession, because I see it in many top MBAs as well, where everyone has a baseline of education but few people are good at applying judgment in complex situations.

There are many times when I’ve had to rely on the judgment of my lawyer on a legal issue or, more often, on an issue tangential to the law. These are situations on the margin that are not just a matter of legal items but are also about business strategy. This might be the toughest point of all, because I can’t really explain how you know someone is a good decision-maker, but I felt confident in our lawyer’s competence in the beginning, and it was validated by the first few complex issues we ran into. Read full post at Inc.com…


Along with the above, professionalism, good communication and excellent people skills are also essential. If you’re looking for a great attorney, you can’t go wrong with Jonathan Meek of Meek Law Firm South. Contact him today at (980) 729-5662 to discuss your legal needs for business or real estate.